WeChat’s Red Envelop Is Currently Under Inspection

WeChat is one of the most popular Instant Messaging apps in the world market. It offers a wide range of features, giving a lot of enjoyment and entertainment to millions of users.

However, just recently, WeChat “red envelope” was put under the microscope in China’s efforts to fight against graft. WeChat “red envelope” is under inspection, which suspends hundreds of objectionable accounts.

It was just last month that the regulations of online gift-giving behavior were allotted by China’s ministries, including the Ministry of Education, Anti-Graft bodies in East China province, General Administration of Sport and Northeast China’s capital, the Liaoning province.

The WeChat “red envelope” and prepaid e-cards are methods of making mobile network and any online deals, which was hardly noticed by the public.

However, this kind of feature is not that difficult to notice. Phone numbers and personal information will be recorded if there is a transaction made. A model can be initiated to categorize abnormal payments and any unusual transactions made.

With the rapid growth of new media, the network has been positioned as gears of bribery. Mooncake promotions have been launched on WeChat. It has been one of the most popular instant messaging platform.

The tenuousness and convenience brought about by this digital gift attracted the bribers of the virtual market.

Cases related to breaches have already reached 51,600 as of July. This was recorded by China. Some party members were involved in the cases, to which 18,365 of them were already punished by administrative and disciplinary agencies.

The total number of cases reported in the past seven months, have already surpassed last year’s cases.

This is one of the primary reasons why millions of users must also be aware of the disadvantages of using Instant Messaging apps. With the countless features and offers they provide, a user must also make sure that before availing such feature, they have already checked the advantages and disadvantages of the said feature.

The world market today is so wide, and it is quite possible for bribers and hackers to manipulate everything. This should be taken into consideration as developers of instant messaging apps also want to protect the safety of their loyal users. Without assurance of being protected, everything will always be public, therefore extra care is required. Bear in mind that all details provided by a user in an instant messaging app have the possibility of getting hacked; so exercising extra case is needed.


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